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Bianchi S.r.l. , is a leading manufacturer of small, fully automatic Core Shooting Machines using HOT-BOX and SHELL resin coated sand systems.
Manufacturers of COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC “CUT-OFF” machines for the removal of sprues, runners, risers and flash on non ferrous and aluminium castings.
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A recognized leader in the engineering and construction of automatic centrifugal wheel type blast cleaning and shot peening machines for surface treatment operations. 
C.M. equipment is utilized throughout industry in a tremendous variety of applications.
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Manufacturers of heated as well as unheated auto pour furnaces for iron, iron alloys and non-ferrous applications.
Holding and duplexing furnaces for iron, from 8 to 100 tonne useful capacity. 
Bulk melting coreless induction furnaces from 10 to 100 tonne capacity. 
Twin chamber melting/holding furnaces for non-ferrous diecasters.
Fomet technology is leading edge in the field of air cooled(no water) induction furnaces, providing clients with significant power savings for holding and auto pouring applications.
Primafond primarily manufacture automatic and semi-automatic cold box core shooters from 5 to 40 litre capacity. 
Semi-automatic and manual core shooters up to 100 litre capacity. 
Robotic core handling solutions. 
Manufacturers of sand preparation and distribution equipment, adopted by many leading foundries.
Notable producers of Cold Box gas generators ranging from 1/2" to 2" delivery bore.
Ancillary products include hydraulic wedge breakers for stripping runners and risers from castings. 
Pneumatic "cannons" for removing runners and risers from large castings.
Paint dipping stations and drying ovens.
Sogemi Engineering Srl, are leading manufacturers of thermal and attrition sand reclamation plants for conventional resin sands as well as alkaline phenolic sands.
Manufacturers of continuous mixers for chemically bonded sands as well as moulding and core making automated box filling lines and associated equipment.
Manufacturers of oxi-gas rotary melting furnaces and charging equipment.
Space Srl, are world leaders in greensand control and cooling technology.
Manufacturers of greensand moisture control and management systems.
Manufacturers of the TCR range of fluid bed coolers as well as the MUR range of pre-mixer coolers. 
Producers of a complete range of screens, bulk mixers, elevators and conveyors.
Manufacturers of the GSM Sand LAB Mk II.

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