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Company History

The company was founded in Glasgow in 1926 by George Albert Smart. He was a noted iron works manager, who previously worked for the company David Colville & Sons.

After the Great War, the foundry industry was very buoyant, in particular serving the shipbuilding, mining and steel making industries. At the time, the products the company’s mainly supplied were core oils, binders, chaplets, speciality sands and various foundry sundry items.

The company continued to flourish right up to 1939, when it was closed, and the founder returned to steel making as the war effort was stepped up.
After World War II, in 1946, the company was re-registered as a limited company again in Glasgow, and continued as before.

In 1959, George Smart, the son of the founder joined the company bringing with him the “new” technologies developed around air set moulding and core making.

Although the mid to late 60s saw the decline of the industry with many foundry closures, again the company flourished mainly due to the development work being done in the new binder technologies which allowed the company to build up a customer base in the south and particularly in the West Midlands.

George R. Smart Jnr joined his father in 1969, coming from a background in auto engineering.

It was after this time that the company became agents for some very important equipment manufacturers, supplying moulding lines, core machines, shot blasters and sand processing equipment. However, in the late 70s, the industry again declined steeply, and a subsidiary company called George Smart (FS) Ltd, was set up to distribute car parts to the expanding “fast fit” and DIY markets.

By 1985 this subsidiary was exceeding a million pounds a year turnover and employed 14 people.

Business with the shrunken foundry market continued, but new opportunities also developed for us in France, Switzerland Spain, Italy and North Africa.

After the sudden and tragic death of the general manager of the car parts business, in 1997, it was decided to sell the car parts business, and shrink the foundry supplies into smaller premises.

In 2003 the company was re-registered as George Smart - Foundry Services.  Today’s activities include the sale of a wide range of foundry equipment.
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George Albert Smart
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