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TECTYL 506 - Multi Purpose Anti-Corrosion Spray
TECTYL 506 multi purpose spray is a wax based solvent cutback amber coloured corrosion preventative material supplied in spray cans.

TECTYL 506 has good water displacing properties combined with good surface penetration and adhesion.

The polorizing characteristics of TECTYL 506 make the product ideal for all industries.

TECTYL 506 cures quickly to a pale amber colour displaying a semi-firm translucent film, and is touch dry after 2 hours
Tectyl 506 Aerosol

Under normal North European conditions, TECTYL 506 can be applied to bright machined parts, assemblies, gearbox internals etc.

Typical indoor storage of such parts is in excess of a year.

Outdoor storage typically is in excess of six months.

For short and long term protection of metal patterns and the internals of core boxes.

Also widely used as a shipping protective coating for small ferrous and non ferrous castings

TECTYL 506 spray can be removed by solvent (white spirits), warm vapour wash or low pressure steam.

For internals of machined parts and assemblies, it is soluble in mineral lubricating oil, eleviating the need for removal.

TECTYL 506 - 400ml spray cans case of 12

TECTYL 506 - 25 ltr open top kegs
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